Helicopters on Stamps
Helicopters on Stamps
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I have been collecting all types of rotory wing aircraft on stamps for over twentyfive  years. When I started the information I had was that there was only about 150 stamps to make a complete collection. I soon discovered after checking Stanley Gibbons Simplified Catalogue that there was considerably more. I started to make my own list and over the years of collecting this has expanded considerably to the list  that is now on this site.

I have entitled it Helicopters on Stamps but I have also included autogyros, tilt rotors, cartoons, drawings, models, parts of and anything that has a rotor to give lift.

The list does include stamps where the subject is in the margins, on an attached tab or in the total picture on a miniature sheet. There is also a separate list for local/cinderellas and one for illegal issues that I am aware of.

The stamps have Stanley Gibbons Catalogue numbers but where they do not exist I have used Michel (Mi), Yvert (Y) Edifil or Webau (W). The list is not exhaustive as I am sure there are others that I do not know about, there is also the possibility that some I have listed are suspect.

Any information regarding make and model where it is not shown would be appreciated, also any information on stamps that are not llisted
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